How should a hat be maintained

Hat wear for a long time, the inside and outside of the hat will be stained with grease, dirt, to timely wash off. After the hat takes off, also do not put carelessly, the hat and the clothes also want to pay attention to maintain, so how should the hat maintain?

If there is any ornament on the hat, take it off first

2. The hat should be soaked with water and neutral detergent

3. Gently scrub with a soft brush

4. The inner sweat band part < the part in contact with the head ring > should be washed several times to thoroughly clean the sweat scale and bacteria. Of course, if you choose the antibacterial and deodorant material? Then this step is avoided

5. Fold the hat into four pieces and gently shake off the water. Do not dehydrate in the washing machine

6. Spread out the hat, fill it with an old towel, put it flat to dry in the dark, and do not hang the special hat to dry in the sun for proper washing

Fur cap

1. The scallion can be sliced and wiped, or the gasoline can be dipped in a cloth and wiped with wool, which can achieve a good washing effect.

2. Stains on fine felt hats can be swabbed with ammonia water and an equal amount of alcohol mixture. Dip a piece of silk in the mixture and then scrub. Don’t get your hat too wet or it will walk easily.

3. It is best to fill the knitted hat with crumpled paper and cloth balls and dry it after washing.

Wool hat

Do not wash, because wool will shrink, if the hat is stained with dust or pet hair, you can use wide tape, reflexed set on the fingers to stick, can remove surface dust, wool hat do not need to be cleaned every time, but easy to reduce the short life, if you do not want to reach the extent of cleaning, with dry cleaning is the most appropriate way. Hat collection hats should pay attention to the maintenance and care. After the hat is taken off, do not put carelessly, should hang on garment hat rack or garment hook, above do not press heavy thing, lest go out of shape is out of shape. The inside and outside of the hat that wore long hat can stick on grease, dirt, want to be washed in time.

The hat lining can be removed and cleaned, and then stretched, so as to avoid the sweat on the hat lining affected by damp and mildew, affecting the life of the hat. Brush the dust on your hat often. Adhesion in the cap surface of the mud, grease, can be dipped in a soft brush on the hot soap water gently scrub, and then washed with clean water. When washing a hat, can look for a round pot or porcelain basin that is the same size as a hat, wear a hat to undertake washing again above, lest go out of shape. To brush off the dust, wash away the dirt, under the sun for a while, then wrapped in paper, put in a hat box, stored in a ventilated, dry place, at the same time in the storage box placed desiccant, to prevent moisture.

If the hat is made of cotton, it can be washed. If the hat is made of paper leather, it can only be wiped and not washed. As the hat is a three-dimensional shape, the most taboo is to use the washing machine.

Post time: May-27-2020