The difference between the peaked cap and a baseball cap

The cap is a common hat. Baseball caps are also very popular with modern people. There are many people who wear baseball caps nowadays. Baseball caps are very popular in modern times. So what’s the difference between a baseball cap and a cap?

1. What’s the difference between a baseball cap and a cap

Different shapes

The baseball hat factory will tell you that there are three notable differences between a baseball cap and a cap:

1) the body of the baseball cap is made up of six parts. The body of the cap is like a pan.

2) no buttons on the top of the baseball cap, no buttons on the cap;

3) the cap has a four-button buckle on the body and eyebrow, but not on the baseball cap.

Collocation of clothes

Baseball hat factory tells you, baseball cap pays attention to more at athletic wind, tie-in dress is more optional, and cap tie-in dress is some more exquisite. If you want to know the difference between a baseball cap and a cap, you need to observe!

2. What face shape does a baseball cap fit into

Since wearing a baseball cap visually shortens the length of your face, if your face is not lanky or even babyface, try other hats. Wearing a Babyface baseball cap easily gives the look of a top-of-the-head, larger face. But if you have long hair, you can also cover most of your hair over your chin and place the brim of your hat about two-thirds of the way down your forehead to look cute in a baseball cap.

When it comes to the best face shape for a baseball cap, along with the oval and oval face shapes, a long face also works well. A baseball cap not only enhances the shape of your face, giving it a three-dimensional feel, but it also ages you down and makes you look girly in a second.

3. Baseball cap for what hairstyle

1, a lot of long hair reach the MM of the waist people like to let the hair naturally beautiful ground is scattered come down, hang hair to wear baseball cap also is very suitable of, but want to remember not to press the hat brim too low, the hat brim that becomes slightly warped can let you look more live wave is lovely;

2, sports style of MM often like to tie high ponytail, high ponytail wear baseball cap will let you appear energetic oh;

3, there is a high ponytail, natural also has a low ponytail, tied with a low ponytail MM are also very suitable to wear a baseball cap, then might as well wear a pair of goggles, you will appear handsome;

4, some girls like to tie a double ponytail or double braid, then as long as the two braids slightly lower, you can also wear a baseball cap oh, will make you look pure and charming;

5, if you feel your hair is too long, as if the hair random site up, then wear a baseball cap, suction eyeball bar bar!

4. How to wear a baseball cap

He wears

Is wearing baseball cap but the most classic wear method, MM people can tie ponytail, can tie up two small braids, still can be long hair down! Remember not to leave the brim too low, a slightly cocked brim will make you look more lively and lovely!

The wearing

MM if want to wear the baseball cap more European and American style, as well as the baseball cap upside down! Wear baseball cap to be able to let you appear unruly again handsome, the MM of proposal small round face is in however wear baseball cap to be able to be divided in the hair, let the hair drop down along canthus, can cover the flesh flesh of double cheek effectively so.

Edge wear

If you have a pretty big wave, try wearing a baseball cap sideways. When you wear a baseball cap on your side with your hair down, it makes you look sexy, cute and charming.

Post time: May-27-2020